Learning Any Time, Anywhere, Grounded in the Local Reading Community!

  • The Reading Virtual Academy is the best of both worlds. An extension of the 新加坡六合彩官网, the tuition-free program provides online education for students who excel in a non-traditional setting. This dynamic blended-learning program provides flexible pacing and an individualized learning plan for all students in grades 1-12. Your child’s education is the key to their future. Let’s work together to meet your child’s educational goals!

Eligibility Requirements

  • The following data will be reviewed to assist 新加坡六合彩官网 staff in determining your child's eligibility for enrollment in the Reading Virtual Academy:

    1. Most Recent Report Card Grades - students who are currently failing their major subjects will not be considered for RVA

    2. Current Reading Level - students will be expected to be able to read at or close to their assigned grade level

    3. Attendance Rate - consistent attendance will be expected

    4. Specialized Services** (ie: Special Education, ESL, credit recovery, etc.) - Students with IEPs/504 Plans will be considered after a NOREP/NORA/504 meeting has been held. Students in Credit Recovery will be considered after a CORE team meeting has been held. English Learners will be expected to meet a certain level of English proficiency to be considered.

    5. For high school students, review of credits and graduation requirements

    6. Evidence that the student possesses the time management skills and discipline to actively and successfully participate in virtual instruction including, but not limited to: regularly logging into scheduled classes, completing and submitting assignments by expected due dates, and adhering to behavioral expectations set by the teacher/instructor.

    Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements will not be enrolled into RVA.

How it works

  • The Reading Virtual Academy offers numerous online courses to satisfy a variety of student needs. Students may choose to take all of their courses online or may choose to take a blending of online courses and traditional brick-and-mortar courses in our schools.

    RVA will utilize Edgenuity’s curriculum which is aligned to Common Core academic standards.

    This curriculum is developed by Pennsylvania certified and highly qualified teachers to meet our district’s expectations. The program is easy to navigate and is student-centered.

    The courses include web-based curriculum with materials, highly qualified teachers, and a proprietary technology platform specifically designed for each grade level education (Grades K-12).

    Everything is online:

    • It works like a traditional school except curriculum is online

    • Log-in and access your courses from home, on-site with a teacher, the public library, or anywhere you have internet connectivity

    • Live state-certified instructors are available for on-demand student support!

    • Materials & equipment are provided

What we offer

    • A high-quality public school education

    • Full-time learning options that are flexible, on-demand and provide an individual approach to learning

    • Students receive a Chromebook and technical support

    • District-approved curriculum provided tuition-free

    • Access courses from home or anywhere there is WiFi

    • Option to also enroll in Reading-Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center

    • Full access to all 新加坡六合彩官网 resources, events and facilities, including guidance counseling, summer programs, libraries, sports, clubs, activities, field trips, scholarships, awards and dances (including Prom)

    • Students earn a diploma from Reading High School and are invited to participate in commencement activities

Frequently Asked Questions - RVA

  • What does RVA stand for?

  • Who can be a RVA student?

  • How do I enroll my student in RVA?

  • Is there a difference between homeschooling my child and signing up for RVA?

  • What is the difference between RVA and other online programs?

  • Will specialty classes, such as Advanced Placement and Career and Technical Education, be offered?

  • Can students participate in extracurriculars and athletics?

  • How will students access counseling services?

  • Will my child fall behind if they enroll in RVA?

  • My child has an IEP, can they enroll in RVA? And how will RVA support my child?

  • My child is in ESL, can they enroll in RVA?

  • Do you reimburse for the internet?

  • Does my child need a computer for RVA?

  • Does RVA follow the same academic calendar as other Reading SD schools?

  • I live in Reading but my child attends a non-新加坡六合彩官网 school. Can they enroll in RVA?


  • Edgenuity provides a research-based video course curriculum, which offers more than 185 semester equivalent core and elective online courses for students, grades 6-12. The online courses are mastery-based, aligned with National Common Core standards and provide a flexible alternative for students who need to catch up or get ahead. Course offerings include core courses and career-oriented courses (business, IT, health sciences).





    ? Reading Virtual Academy Enrollment
    Each grade level in RVA is capped at a limited number of students. New students will only be accepted if slots are available. RVA is open to grades 1-12 only. 

    ? RVA Grades 1-8

    • Full-day remote learning with a combination of certified 新加坡六合彩官网 teachers, live lessons, and asynchronous work
    • Held during the regular school day
    • To enroll, please contact the Principal/Assistant Principal/School Counselor at your child's home school

    ? RVA Grades 9-12

    • Virtual Learning* with Edgenuity computer courses (no live instruction)
    • Courses can be completed any time of day
    • To enroll, please contact Alexander Noguerola noguerolaa@readingsd.org or your assistant principal at Reading High School
      *This includes optional in-person or virtual tutoring.




  • Reading Virtual Academy Director: Alexander Noguerola, 484-258-7101 ext. 60214, noguerolaa@readingsd.org  

    Home School Counselor
    1-8 Reading Virtual Academy School Counselor

    High School Counselor (9-12): Michael Peters, 484-258-7101 ext. 60147, petersmi@readingsd.org 

    RVA Parent Outreach Assistant: Lynn Olivencia, 484-258-7101 ext. 60200, olivencl@readingsd.org 

    Attendance Clerk: Edrick Burgos-Diaz, 484-258-7101 ext. 60125, diazed@readingsd.org 

    ROCC Building
    800 Penn Street
    Reading, PA 19602


  • If you have any questions regarding absences, or if your child is absent, contact: 

    Attendance Clerk: Edrick Burgos-Diaz, 484-258, 7101 ext. 60125, diazed@readingsd.org 


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  • 9-12 RVA classes: